Bulk Mail Product Selector API

See how the API works

This form performs actual queries against the API. You can use this form to get an idea about how the API works and the sort of responses that are returned.

Click here to prepopulate the form with a sample request.

How many items do you want to send (per lodgement)?
in millimetres (mm)
in millimetres (mm)
in millimetres (mm)
in grams (g)
Does the lodgement have a Statement of Accuracy?
What type of permit does the lodgement have?
Does each item meet the Envelope Layout Standards for machinable or manually-sorted mail?
Is each item a magazine, periodical or catalogue?
Is the lodgement sorted in ascending postcode order?
Is the lodgement sorted in delivery sequence order?
What time of day do you wish to lodge?
what format do you want the response to be in?