Publisher Specific Product Selector API - Documentation

This API allows you to compare the cost of sending magazine and sample combinations. If a publisher is logged in to Ratefinder, then the prices returned are valid only for that specified publisher; otherwise standard rates are returned.

Test out the API here


Send an HTTP GET to with all of the parameters listed below.

Parameter NameDescriptionRequiredExample
api_key Your license key for the application. Please contact for a license key yes 1234-5678-90ab-cdfe
includes_sample Does the lodgement include a sample? Yes 0
num_items How many items do you want to send (per lodgement)? Yes 1000
height Total height (mm) Yes 80
length Total length (mm) Yes 120
thickness Total thickness (mm) Yes 5
weight Total weight (g) Yes 250
time_of_day What time of the day do you wish to lodge? 'S' for 'By 12 noon Monday to Friday', 'A' for 'By 5pm Monday to Friday' or 'E' for 'After 5pm or on a weekend' Yes S
postcode_sorted Is the lodgement sorted in ascending postcode order? 1 for yes or 0 for no Yes 1
delivery_sorted Is the lodgement sorted in delivery sequence order? 1 for yes or 0 for no No 1
has_soa Does the lodgement have a Statement of Accurary? 1 for yes or 0 for no Yes 1
format The format of the response (it can also be set by the content-type header). Can be 'json', 'html' or 'xml' Yes json


If the format parameter is set to JSON, the response object is a json hash.

Success is determined by the 'success' key-value pair (either true or false). The product code and description is in the product hash.

Example Request api_key=123&has_soa=1&height=120&includes_sample=0&length=200&num_items=1000&postcode_sorted=1&thickness=4&time_of_day=S&weight=25

Example Response

  "success": true,
      "description":"VolumePost 1 Medium Standard",